Friday, January 10, 2014

INFLUENSTER: Product Reviews

If you don't know what influenster is it's an awesome program where you can go online and take surveys about your life and if you are selected you receive free products to review!  I received this box a few months back and I've used all the products and wanted to give you my opinion! 

Goody Hair band

First up is this athletic headband from Goody! This is  actually a really awesome head band.   It covers my ears which in awesome for winter months. AND it doesn't ITCH!! I find so many cloth head bands just really really make my head itchy! I think it has something to do with the moisture wick material they use. But overall this is just GREAT!

Goody Quickstyle

This is a product fail. I like the idea of a brush that absorbs the extra water, to help blow dry time.  First off this was just really rough on my fine thin hair.  I know that manufacturers have made brushes that are supposed to be used on wet hair, but this just doesn't feel good on my hair.  It just rips through knots and is not gentle at all! Also, I think because I have thin hair it just doesn't absorb the water like it would with thick hair. The sponge was barely damp when I finished using it. Overall, just not my cup of tea!
Sally Hansen Triple Shine

This was a nice polish formula definitely shiny.  But I wish it had been just a little more opaque so I could've wore it on it's own.  But it was beautiful layered over hard reds and berry colors and was very festive for the holiday season!


This was just NASTY!! I was vegan for a while, so I've tasted some interesting things but this was just not good! I feel like it was EXTREMELY OVERLY sweet, and slightly rancid. I love banana flavor and this was far from it.  I'm hoping down the road I will try another one that will redeem the SOYJOY line because this definitely didn't do it for me!

Well that's all for my product reviews! Let me know if you've tried any of these and had similar or opposing thoughts! I'd love to hear!!


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