Friday, December 20, 2013

Riot's Third Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my little man!!!! This is the very first onesie he ever outgrew, and it took him a month to fit into it! Goodness, he's gotten so big in 3 years.

We were up late last night making the well-known "balloon avalanche" outside of Riot's door for him to wake up to on his birthday. Cam blew up all 30 of those balloons! Although, when Riot woke up this morning he started crying because "Daddy made a spider web" and he couldn't get out of his room...

We went out to breakfast and the restaurant owner literally deep-fried cookie dough just for Riot. We then took him to go see "Walking With Dinosaurs" and we got the surprise of finding out that our local theater got a make-over and installed reclining seats!

Riot got $4 in birthday money from great-grandparents and all he wanted to spend it on was games at the arcade...and he had a blast!!! He rode the motorcycle...even though he BARELY fit and Daddy helped him with the racecar.

This lucky boy got to play in the snow on his birthday. He and Daddy climbed the giant mountain of snow that the plows left.

After they warmed up from the cold Riot and Daddy played and played. This is by far one of my favorite pictures of Riot!

Of course, he wanted pizza for dinner then we finished off the night with Rootbeer Floats and a Ben-10 birthday cake. 

I couldn't help but take a picture of all the little finger marks left in the frosting...

Riot had the time of his life and Cam and I tried to entertain him as best we could. Thankfully, I think we accomplished that because Riot was sleeping in his brand new Ninja Turtle bedding with his Ninja Turtle jammies before we knew it. 

I am completely in love with this little guy! I LOVE being his mommy...there is nothing better. Happy birthday Riot!!!!

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