Monday, November 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Decorations on a Budget

It is time to change my decorations again! This time, I went to Michael's and spent around $15 on the things I needed for my decorations.

I bought a vine wreath, a basket, wheat, leaf garland, paper, and gold letters. I already had the rest of the supplies: Modgepodge, ribbon, and hot glue. 

First, I made my centerpiece. I took the plain basket and glued a few stocks of the wheat and grain to the front, and filled it with the leaves from the garland as well as a candle. I had small pumpkins left from Halloween and put those around the basket. That's it!

Next, my son and I always hang things from the ceiling and this time we used the leaves. He was so excited because they looked like they were falling!


Lastly, I made a new wreath! I LOVE wreaths, they are my favorite decorations! I simply glued some more wheat to a small portion of the wreath and added some bunting. I cut a piece of cardstock into triangles and used the gold stickers to spell "Give Thanks." I also modgepodged each one to kind of protect it from the elements. Then I glued them onto some ribbon and glued the ribbon to the wreath. (It was windy...sorry I couldn't get a better picture...)

That's it my friends!

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