Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beauty Haul: ULTA 20% off

Okay so I used to be a maniac shopper from makeup.  I have toned it down a bit luckily for my wallet!! :D But I got my 20% mailer for ULTA and so I went and got just a few things!! :)

 Here is my little stash! :) just a few little things!!

First, is a cream blush by NYX! I LOVE this formula I have a few others that are seriously staples in my collection I love how they blend super easy but have great staying power or create a nice base to hold my powder blush in place all day!! This one is called "Red Cheeks" and I think it's going to be the perfect winter just-been-outside flush! ($4.79)

 I have had my eye on this for a while. Rockateur by Benefit has had a buzz around it since it released a couple months ago. When I swatched it a one store it looked kind of coral and heaven knows I don't need another coral blush.  But when I swatched it again at ULTA it came out more dusty rose and it's BEAUTIFUL!! The top layer is like sparkly crazy orange (like the swatch at the first store) but once the overlay is off it's a beautiful color it's going to become my everyday go to blush! It is beautiful!!! ($22.40)

This isn't anything exciting. Is the brow shaper by Sally Hansen both my husband and I use them so I needed to get a new set they work great for shaping eye brows! ($7.03)

I LOVE ME SOME DRY SHAMPOO!! I seriously would hate my hair if it weren't for dry shampoo.  This is the Rockaholic Dirty Secret dry shampoo.  For breast cancer awareness month they had this cute pink packaging and it was on sale!! Normally I wouldn't touch a $20 try shampoo but this was on sale and I ended up stealing it for $6.40

 One of my current favorite dry shampoos! This is the Batiste blonde dry shampoo. It's awesome when your hair has grown out a bit to just connect your roots to your color.  It's a beautiful golden color and gives great volume to dirty greasy hair! ($7.19)

Last but not least is a foundation.  High end foundations look beautiful but really tend to break me out for some reason I've heard so many good this so I picked up the Revlon 24 hour color stay in Fresh Beige.  I've heard the oily/combination formula is no bueno.  So even though I have oily skin I went for the dry to normal and it's BEAUTIFUL.  It looks just like skin, it's lightweight I hardly notice it on, and it's got GREAT coverage! I'm love it. They only down side is that the bottle is pour out. I really prefer pumps for sanitary purposes but I might just take the pump from another foundation and put it on this foundation because it's GREAT!($9.59)


That's my little shopping haul! I just my mailer for Sephora 20% so I will probably shop that soon!!! :DHEHEHEHE

what have you picked up recently that you're loving?!!

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  1. I've never heard of dry shampoo before. I'll have to try it. What brand do you recommend? The Batiste?