Wednesday, August 14, 2013

10 Things to Make You Feel Better

We all get sucked into a cycle of feeling crappy!! Whether we're upset, angry, or just overall in a funk; these are 10 tips to make us feel better and get back to our regular self a little more quickly.

1.Face Mask/Bubble Bath/Spa Treatment
Sometimes all a girl needs is some good old fashioned pampering! For me a nice bubble bath always does the trick. I love to light candles and just sit in the bath.  Sometimes I'll get a chair and put bring my laptop in and watch a movie or TV show while I soak, then I can just relax and escape rather than sitting there letting my mind wander and make things worse. A good book would do the trick too!

2. Listen to a"feel good" playlist or MAKE one
Music can really turn your mood around. You don't have to turn on crazy happy upbeat music if you are feeling really down but even just something soothing and relaxing can change your mood enough to make you feel better. 

Exercise will release endorphins and make you feel better, but for me yoga is the perfect balance of moving and stretching to re-center my mind and body. 

I stumbled upon this article and LOVE it!! It's so true! Hugs do so many great things for body, mind and spirit!! 

5.Play with a pet
Studies have shown interacting with animals lowers blood pressure and really can relieve stress! I know when I'm down my cat knows it and always gives me extra cuddles and loves!

Sometimes the best way to get passed something is to just sleep it off. You're mind can relax your body can relax and sometimes things just look a lot clearer (better) after you've had a good nap!

7.Have a good cry
Sometimes crap happens and sometimes we just need a good cry to let go of all the pent up emotions so we can move on!  Letting it all out can really help with how we are feeling and allow us to feel happy again!

8.Take a walk outside
When we are locked up inside all day it can really effect our minds.  We need to be outside and not feel imprisoned.  Being outside and taking some long deep breaths as you walk can really change how to you feel and quickly!

Like I said earlier sometimes a girl just needs to be spoiled.  Having your favorite treat can really perk up your mood in a hurry!

Smiling sends messages to the brain saying everything is OKAY!  Which helps release chemicals that make you feel better! And the cycle continues! Smiling can help you start a cycle to feel better quicker!!

Everyone struggles! Know that you're not the only one and that things can and will get better!


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