Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DIY Easter Decorations

As usual, I love to decorate for any holiday, but I don't like spending a lot of money to do so. This year, I spent around $20 for my Easter decorations and my son and I had a blast making them.

Of course, we always start with our paper decorations. Each holiday, we cut out different shapes and hang them from the ceiling. He LOVES this :) especially when the AC comes on and makes them twirl. For Easter, we made carrots by stapling strips of paper together, and bunnies with cotton balls for tails.

We also bought these cute window clings for a dollar

For our table decorations, I bought Easter eggs, a silk tulip, a piece of felt, and mini eggs. I filled a vase with the eggs and scattered the mini eggs around it.

My favorite decorations are wreaths! I love making them. This Easter, I made a bunny. I bought three vine wreaths (two 6" and one 10"), and white spray paint. 

Cut the two 6" wreaths into thirds and hot glue two of the thirds together to form the ears.
Then simply glue the ears onto the 10" wreath and spray paint the whole thing. I used a scrap of ribbon and a mini egg to make a bow that I added to the bottom of the wreath.

 Hang it up, and there you have it!

Happy Easter!

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