Monday, November 25, 2013

How to be More Productive

Lately, I have been trying to make better use of my time it seemed I never had enough time to do everything that I wanted. So I did some research and tried some things out! Here are some helpful hints on how to be more productive in your everyday life!

Make time your friend
Everyone has the same amount of time in a day. So why is it that some people seem to get so much more done than me?!? They make time their friend. Do the necessary things when they need to be done. If I procrastinate it makes me stressed and time becomes the unconquerable enemy of my life because I'm stressed fighting against the clock.  For me this was spending less time on Facebook and more time doing things I like to do. Somehow I had so much more time to accomplish things when I spent less time on Facebook.  I started timing to see how much time I spent on Facebook, and then I only allowed a certain amount of time surfing Facebook in a day.  Gradually I spent less time on Facebook and more time on fulfilling and enjoyable things.

Work Out
Exercise 30-60 minutes a day has proven, in numerous studies, to help improve focus. When you are more focused you're more productive.  Don't be unrealistic saying okay I've never been to the gym but I'm going to go everyday this week! You're setting yourself up to fail.  Start with a two minute walk everyday, and build up. If you miss a day start again the next day.  I find that missing a day or two is okay.  But three in a row.... a BIG NO NO! For me it works because if I can't work out or I'm not feeling well I don't feel like I failed because I can start again tomorrow and I only missed one day!

Morning Routine 
Productive people more often than not have a concrete morning routine. A few things that are just for them, to help inspire, motivate and get things going for the day.  Now I'm not talking hygiene because obviously that is necessary.These are things that will help you focus and be more successful during the day.  My morning routine recently consists of:
 Yoga/exercise or both
Reading either scriptures or a conference talk
Reading from a motivation book currently a basketball book (ironically because my husband loves basketball) called Wooden by John Wooden a famous basketball coach. 

I do this before everything, before I start working on dance choreography, before I make important phone calls, check my email ect. 

I realized semi-recently that I have a problem! I tend to take on a million little projects and only start pieces of all of them.  This A. makes it look like I've gotten nothing accomplished B. leaves a ton of unfinished projects which is very overwhelming so I don't want to be productive anymore because it's too stressful! Focus on one or two things at a time.  Lets face it as girls, we like to multi task. Why do one thing when I can do 85 right? But finishing those tasks from beginning to end is what is important.  Again with the number three, I won't start a third project until the first two are completed that way they get done and I have the satisfaction of crossing them off my list!

I'm still on the quest to become more productive and organized if you have any thoughts or tips please share them below so everyone can benefit!!


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