Monday, July 15, 2013

Oil Cleansing for your FACE!

I discovered Oil Cleansing about nine months ago and I've never gone back!
 I LOVE it because:
It's inexpensive
You can tailor it to your skin needs
and it feels amazing!

I uses equal parts of Olive Oil (extra virgin) and Castor oil (expeller pressed)

Olive oil:
 Is the moisturizing agent in the cleanser. It moisturizes your skin while also breaking down the dirt, grime or makeup on your face.  It also helps your skin feel renewed and hydrated so your face doesn't feel like it has to produce more oil! (for you oily gals out there)

"There are a variety of antioxidants in olive oil including Vitamin A and E but the most potent compound is hydroxytyrosol. Hydroxytyrosol is a very rare but potent antioxidant found in olive oil that prevents free radical damage on skin cells. This compound also absorbs deeply into the skin and is suitable for all skin types. For this reason, olive oil has very potent anti-inflammatory properties and used in a variety of products." (comluv)

Castor Oil:
Cleansing agent.
This is what will draw out impurities, and actually "wash" your face.  Because it is an oil it also works great at breaking down dirt and makeup, while essential fatty acids, help restore and repair your skins membranes. 

You would think oil cleansing out leave your skin feeling greasy and gross.  I have NEVER experienced this.  I have combination/oily skin and this method leaves my face feeling so great! I did find if I only cleansed with this method once a day my face tried to compensate by producing more oil but if I cleansed both morning and night my skin felt really balanced and beautiful!

Oily Skin: Try a blend of 30% Castor Oil to 70% Olive Oil
Balanced Skin: Try a blend of 50% Castor Oil to 50% Olive oil
Dry Skin: Try a blend of 10% Castor Oil to 90% Olive Oil

You can also add essential oils such a tea tree oil to help with acne and inflammation.

I usually put the oils in a travel size bottle so I don't have to mix EVERY time I wash my face. That way its just like using a bottle of cleanser!

Whats really nice is you can adjust the amounts of oil you use when your skin changes or the seasons change.  When your skin is feeling more dry you want to add more Olive Oil when your skin is more oily you want to add more castor oil!

1.To Cleanse you just rinse your face with warm water
2.Dispense some of your mix and gently rub in circular motions until you feel its adequately worked into your skin
3.Soak a face rag in hot water and lay it on your face to open pores (I often skip this when I'm in a hurry)
4.Then rinse rage again in warm/hot water and GENTLY wipe of the oil from your face.   

I absolutely love it and would recommend to ANYONE!  My husband even loved it!

I have heard great things about using Coconut Oil as well though I personally have never used it, but I would love to try and just see how it differs!

Will you try to oil cleanse?! Any special blends or oils you like to add?

Video below is just me talking about my experience with oil cleansing enjoy!

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