Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Makeup for an Interview

I had an interview today...my first one in 3 years! As inexperienced as I am regarding how to be the best during an interview, I do know a bit about makeup. For an interview, makeup should be fairly minimal. I only get one chance at a first impression, and the last thing I need is the interviewer to be focusing on the buckets of makeup all over my face.

Makeup basics for an interview:
-Primer (face and eyes)
-Blush (optional)
-Eyeshadow (optional)

I am a huge fan on makeup "dupes;" I LOVE getting great makeup for cheap prices. My favorite is the ELF brand found at Target. I used this brand for my eye primer, powder, and blush.

First thing's first....my eyebrows are TERRIBLE! They are really thin and light and I can't shape them if my life depended on it. Ugh. So, I don't use a pencil to help them out, instead I use an angled brush and a nude shaded eyeshadow. I brush the shadow onto my eyebrows with an upward stroke...and that's the best they get.

Primer: This is NECESSARY! If you aren't using primer yet, you need to start! It protects and moisturizes your skin while creating a layer that your makeup will "stick" to. For an interview, this is golden! If you get nervous or flushed...primer will protect your makeup from running and showing your flushed cheeks. I used Sephora's brand, but you can buy ELF primer for a few bucks.

Concealer: Many women don't need this, but I do. I was not blessed with beautiful skin so concealer is a must  in my makeup routine! The key to concealer is to lightly dab it over the blemishes, then let it set for a few minutes before blending.

Powder: Any kind you like will work to cover shine....but there is a trick!! DO NOT swipe or rub the powder onto your face! Using a brush, DAB the powder all over. This allows the powder to cover any shine without smearing away the concealer.

Blush: If you decide to wear blush, dab this as well...the last thing you want is to brush away any makeup.

Eyeshadow: I always start with a primer on my eyelids. I use ELF eyelid primer. It has a light tint to it which adds contrast when using eyeshadow. Allow this to dry before applying eyeshadow.

Mascara: I use Avon's Infinitze and I LOVE it! Just remember for those of us "blessed" with blonde eyelashes...1-2 swipes doesn't cut it...Also, for an interview...forego the eyeliner. You don't need it! I simply used a small brush and brown shadow to line my lids.

Lipstick: I am a big fan of lipstick/lipgloss...although...my husband can't STAND it!

All in all, you want to wear makeup to highlight your features...but keep it minimal. No need for fake lashes, eyeliner, or bright red lipstick for an interview. As soon as you get the job, you can wear whatever makeup your heart desires!


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